If you are a believer in Agile methods, but don't like Test-Driven Development (TDD), this site is for you!

Many people in the Agile community feel that TDD is a niche technique that works really well for some people but is awful for others.

Sometimes TDD fans go too far by insisting that everyone should use TDD - even saying that if you don't use TDD, you are not fully Agile, or have not given it a chance. We disagree. We explain why here.

Be Agile without TDD!

How PDD relates to BDD and ATDD

PDD is a form of BDD and ATDD. It is basically the BDD or ATDD process, but PDD defines some additional practices pertaining to how complex stories are designed and coded. The BDD and ATDD practices of writing "executable tests" before or in parallel with application code is included in PDD. All BDD and ATDD practices can be applied to PDD.

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