If you are a believer in Agile methods, but don't like Test-Driven Development (TDD), this site is for you!

Many people in the Agile community feel that TDD is a niche technique that works really well for some people but is awful for others.

Sometimes TDD fans go too far by insisting that everyone should use TDD - even saying that if you don't use TDD, you are not fully Agile, or have not given it a chance. We disagree. We explain why here.

Be Agile without TDD!

Are Organizations Becoming Stupid?

Does it seem like managers in organizations today have no time to talk about anything? They run from meeting to meeting, and if you do get their attention, it had better be brief. If you set up a meeting with them, they don't want you to talk through your challenges - they just want to know "the ask".

That is a huge dysfunction. It is not possible to make good decisions unless you understand things deeply. Today's habit of filling one's calendar with short and shallow discussions is dumbing down the way that companies operate and make decisions. Smart people are becoming, in effect, stupid.

Here are some of the incredibly stupid decisions that I see made by smart people in recent years:

1.     Getting rid of all testing expertise in a company.
2.     Getting rid of business analysts.
3.     Deciding that each team should be autonomous.

These all derive from misunderstanding of Agile ideas, and extrapolation – without deep thought – of team level practices that made sense for single team products in the early 2000s.

See the LinkedIn article, “Organizations Are Becoming Stupid".

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